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Brend: Dynacord
Kod proizvoda: DC1-WM06E8
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  • Excellent speech and music reproduction
  • Easy installation with one grille size and one complete set of accessories
  • Choice of different ceiling mounting methods
  • Optional Pilot Tone indication
  • EN 54‑24 certified


The DC1 Modular Ceiling Loudspeaker range can be used for a wide variety of ceiling environments. They provide excellent speech and music in indoor public address applications. The range offers a choice of five loudspeakers distinguished by input power, opening angle and sound reproduction. It includes three 6 W single cone loudspeakers offering a choice of opening angle and two high performance 12 W and 24 W coaxial loudspeaker drivers. They all have the same grille size and can be used in combination with the same mounting accessories.
The loudspeakers are suitable for use in air‑handling spaces when installed with the DC1‑MFD enclosure. The loudspeaker frame includes provision for mounting the optional pilot-tone indication board or supervision board and has standard a light conductor to indicate the pilot-tone status.



Safety: According to EN 60065
* Emergency: According to BS 5839‑8 / EN 54‑24 / EN 60849
** Water and dust protection: According to EN 60529 IP21
*** Water and dust protection: According to EN 60529 IP33
**** Salt mist: According to IEC‑68‑2‑11 Ka
* Only in combination with the DC1‑MFD. -
** Only in combination with the DC1‑MFD or DC1‑CMR including DC1‑CBB. -
*** and **** Only DC1‑WC06E8 with DC1‑CMR including DC1‑CBB.

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