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  • Australian Monitor ZRM4
    The Australian Monitor ZRM4 is a simple to use, yet highly featured 1RU zone routing mixer. Featuring 6 inputs that can be balanced XLR mic or dual RCA/balanced XLR line level, all available to any combination of 4 zone outputs, the ZRM4 makes signal routing in multizone applications easy. ..
  • Behringer MX 882
    Ultra-Flexible 8-Channel Splitter/Mixer   Ultra-low noise 8 in/2 out line mixer and 2 in/8 out line splitter Each channel can operate independently in mixer or splitter mode Usable as 6 in/6 out level matching amplifier or direct injection box Convert..
  • Spliter/Mikser Dap AS-8
    The AS-8 can be used for several purposes. Due to its intelligent design the users can easily switch between a controllable audio mixer with several inputs, or a signal splitter with several controllable outputs. This makes the AS-8 a multifunctional solution for your own monitor mix, multi zone ..