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  • Idea Strip 255
    Idea Strip 255- is a kind of Led wash lights with super bright and low power consumption.Consist of 252pcs Leds.Dim 0%-100%,color changing,Strobe,chasing from Pixel to Pixel,speed adjustment,ect. RGB color mixing, HIS color mixing,over 16 million colors. Excellent Saturation for each single color..
    120.00€ 140.00€
  • Laser AF20SB RGB 1000 mw
      Description 1W Multi Color RGB ILDA Animation laser Light Feature RGB full color animation laser with high-speed optical scanner to create animated graphics, 1..
  • Mini-wash 5Q
    The unit features built-in color macros for a number of popular hues. The Flurry™ Q also features variable electronic strobe, vector speed control for multiple channels, user-selectable pan and tilt ranges, and built-in movement macros. Specification: Power: Operating Voltage 110-230VAC, 5..
  • Pony Spot 30
    Pony Spot is a very small but good effects LED spot, very suitable for DJ stage and nightclub. easy to setup and easy to use. Powered by 30w White LEDs.   Specifications bright white 30W LED source 7 Colors + white 7 fixed GOBOs + spot Separate color & GOBO wheels M..