RCS Audio LA 160
RCS Audio LA 160

Kod proizvoda:1640

RCS Audio LA 160

Zvučnik kolona 60W/100V


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This column speakers series is very strong and sturdily constructed. They are made of extruded aluminium with cast aluminium top and bottom covers.
The aluminium grille is stove enamelled. The columns are weather- and dust-proof and are very suitable for outdoor use, e. g. open-air theatres, stadiums and public parks


Load rating (Music power): 60 W (90 W)

Transformer tappings at 100V: 30 W – 60 W

Frequency range (Hz): 60 – 15.000 Hz

Sound pressure SPL Pmax/1m: 118 dB

Speaker, installed: 6 units

Dimensions, HxWxD (mm): 830 x 147 x 110 mm

Weight: 6,0 kg

Colour: silver met./black

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