Infinity iB-16R set
Infinity iB-16R set

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Infinity iB-16R set

2pcs with Premium flightcase


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In terms of performance and versatility, the iB-16R is absolutely unbeatable. It is equipped with a powerful 330W Osram Sirius gas discharge lamp that can generate a beam with an angle of 1 ° to 19 °. This makes the moving head extremely versatile, as it can be used both as a spotlight and as a spot. The large front lens is framed by an RGB ring, with which every light show can be enriched with unusual accents.


If the zoom function is controlled via DMX, the gobo always remains in focus (auto focus). However, the focus can also be controlled individually. The iB-16R is also equipped with two individual rotating prisms, which can also be used to create overlapping effects. The moving head is equipped with two gobo wheels (9x glass, rotating + open, 14x metal + open) and a color wheel (13 + open).



Light source: Osram Sirius, 330W, X8, 8000K

Lamp socket: E20.6

Beam angle: 1 ° to 4.5 (beam mode) °

3 ° to 10 ° (spot mode)



Input voltage: 100 to 240 V AC 50 / 60Hz (automatic range selection)

Power consumption: 522W



On-board: battery-operated color display with gravity sensor

Mode: DMX, Auto, Master / Slave

Control protocol: DMX-512

Tax Personality: Advanced 25ch / Basic 18CH

Optical system


Dimmer: 0-100% mechanical

Strobe: 0-20Hz

Focus: Motorized

Zoom: (Beam mode) 2.5 to 8 °

5 ° to 19 ° (spot mode)

Prism 1: 8 facet rotating prism

Prism 2: 5 facet linear rotating prism

Frost: Yes



Pan: 540 °

Tilt: 260 °

Pan / Tilt resolution: 16-bit

Special: Pan / Tilt, Color / Gobo change blackout, user selectable pan / tilt range, 540 ° / 360 ° / 180 ° / 90 ° reverse pan / tilt movement

Gobos & colors


Gobo wheel 1: 9 + open (9 glass), rotating, exchangeable, indexing, slot-n-lock

Gobo wheel 2: 13 + open (14 metal), continuous scroll with variable speed.

Gobo function: Gobo flow effect, gobo shake.

Colors: 13 + white, split colors continuous scrolling at variable speeds

Color effect: split colors rainbow flow effect



Color: Black

Housing: made of metal and plastic flame retardant

Screw: quick lock

Fixture connection: XLR 3 & 5p data in / out, Powercon input

Dimensions: 410 x 327 x 638mm

Weight: 25.1kg

Certification and Security


Approval mark: CE

Max ambient temperature: 45 °

Minimum distance between objects: 23m

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