Infinity TS-260C7 Profile Engine
Infinity TS-260C7 Profile Engine
Infinity TS-260C7 Profile Engine
Infinity TS-260C7 Profile Engine
Infinity TS-260C7 Profile Engine
Infinity TS-260C7 Profile Engine

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Infinity TS-260C7 Profile Engine

Body without lens


Delivers the performance of a 750W Tungsten Halogen unit

260W Lumiled 7 colour LED engine using custom designed array

CRI > 96 Consistently on full CCT range

LED Colour Linearity Compensation

LED Colour Temperature Drift Compensation (on all LEDs)




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The Infinity Theatre Profile is a cutting edge high resolution theatrical luminaire. This fixture offers the option of either variable beam zoom lens or industry standard fixed beam tubes that can achieve precise beam control and pattern projection. Using Lumiled LEDs to deliver consistent and rich colours ensures your creative palette is infinite.
No longer do you have to worry about blown lamps of having the right gel loaded in the luminaire. The software ensures you will have the right colour available, always!
Industry specialist have selected 64 of the most used theatrical colours which are applied in the built-in virtual stroller. Simple select the colour you want from the virtual swatchbook and it will be the same across all fixtures. A dedicated team of software and optical engineers have worked hard to deliver the best CRI and output for each colour, saving you from having to try and find it manually. The software will monitor the fixture and applies its linearity compensation, Temperature drift compensation and optics color shift compensation to ensure a stable and accurate light output in all circumstances.
The Tungsten Mode will simulate the given tungsten light source spectrum resulting in an identical spectral response when using the color wheel applying color temperature shift of the given tungsten source. Timing and inertia of the tungsten mode, when dimming up and down, will give the same afterglow as expected from an ‘old fashion' filament Profiles.
Together with the ability to seamlessly mix colours we offer a unique dimming software that allows for perfect flickerless crossfades or instant bumps and flashes. Coupled with lower power consumption makes the Infinity Theatre Profile TS-260C7 the only luminaire you will need for washes, pattern projections or specials.
When it comes to mechanical focusing all operations can be performed with one hand. The zoom focus mechanism is simple and intuitive, pull, twist, position and lock. While focus is delivered by a simple turn on the focus ring. With a beam angle scale and lock off angle information this is the perfect choice for reparatory houses that are focusing the same shows on a regular basis.
Four surgical steel shutters with large handles ensure easy operation. Gobo holders, iris and diffusers ensure you have the beam shape and edge you need.


LED Engine:

  • Source: 260W Lumiled 7 colour LED engine using custom designed array

Optical Information:

  • Output: 4500lm
  • CRI: Consistently >96 (High CRI Mode)
  • Color Temperature: 1800K ~ 8000K
  • Beam Angles: 15°-35°, 25°-50°, 5°,10°,14°, 19°, 26°, 36°, 50°

Electrical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 100 -240 volts AC
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Power Factor: 0,96
  • Consumption: 260W max

Environmental Specifications:

  • Ambient Temp: 0°C ~40°C (operating) / -10°C ~45°C (startup)
  • IP Rating: IP 20 indoor use only
  • Conformity: CE Mark

Control Specifications:

  • Control: Onboard Menu, RDM, DMX512
  • DMX Channels: Dimmer Mode, 1Ch
  • Basic Mode: 5Ch
  • Tungsten Mode: 6Ch
  • HSI Pro Mode: 10Ch
  • RGB Pro Mode: 10Ch
  • CMY Pro Mode: 10Ch
  • RAW Mode: 20Ch

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Construction: Machined Aluminum, sheet metal, molded engineering grade plastics
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 8,5Kg


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