Infinity Chimp 100.G2
Infinity Chimp 100.G2
Infinity Chimp 100.G2
Infinity Chimp 100.G2
Infinity Chimp 100.G2
Infinity Chimp 100.G2
Infinity Chimp 100.G2
Infinity Chimp 100.G2
Infinity Chimp 100.G2
Infinity Chimp 100.G2

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Infinity Chimp 100.G2

2 Universe DMX Console incl. Wireless Transmitter

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CHIMP G2 - The Next Generation

With the CHIMP G2 presents Showtec Infinity the next generation of the proven Chimp Light Controller. The most important change is that the Chimp 300 G2 is now equipped with a new, better touch screen that shines less and offers a better viewing angle. In addition, both G2 units are standard equipped with W-DMX from Wireless Solutions Sweden. New hardware has also improved processor performance.

Finally, the new Chimp generation is equipped with the latest Chimp firmware version 1.9.


The INFINITY BY SHOWTEC CHIMP 100.G2 is the perfect, inexpensive solution for all professional lighting requirements. This light controller supports 2 universes (1024 DMX channels) for up to 100 spotlights. With encoders and hardkeys, the Chimp is based on industry standard programming syntax. You can also connect up to two external touchscreens that give you familiar, easy-to-use buttons.

No matter what you want to use the Chimp Light Controller for - tours, theatre, universal venues, schools or churches - it offers you all the tools you need.


  • Familiar keys, numeric keypad and 4 encoders
  • 10 playback faders with start/pause/back
  • 10 Executer/Flash buttons on multiple pages
  • Color selector, Swatchbook from Lee /Rosc and ApollFilter
  • gobo selector
  • User-definable groups and presets
  • User-definable layout
  • 4 Customizable Master Faders
  • effect generator
  • Built-in fixture library and lighting designer
  • Cue list screen


  • 2 x DMX 5-pin opto-isolated input and output (RDM ready)
  • Ethernet/Artnet
  • 2 x HDMI monitor output
  • Midi In/Thru/Out (5-pin DIN)
  • Audio input (3-pin XLR)
  • IEC 220V connection
  • 2 x dimmable Desklight outputs (3-pin XLR)
  • 3 x USB-B connectors


  • Housing: metal with fireproof plastic side protection
  • Dimensions: 400 x 575 x 160mm (TxWxH)
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Permissible ambient temperature: -5 ~ +40oC


  • 2 Universes 1024 channels DMX
  • 100 lighting fixtures
  • 5000 memory locations
  • 200 storage stacks
  • 100 groups
  • 9 x 100 presets (position, color, beam, effects, etc.)
  • Output visualization
  • Tracking and non-tracking possibilities
  • Integrated Atlabase Fixture Library


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