Gonsin TL-Z4
Gonsin TL-Z4

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Gonsin TL-Z4

Central control unit

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Basic Functions:
◆ In compliance with IEC60914 international standard.
◆ With full digital audio technology, built-in high-speed CPU and high-performance DSP digital audio processor, CD sound quality.
◆ Acoustic frequency response can up to 20Hz~20KHz.
◆ Black tempered glass panel design, simple and high-end design. All the function divisions are clearly layout and easy to operate.
◆ The sever comes with built-in OLED panel to display system status, active mic, speaking mode. Language supports Chinese/ English. Russia, Spanish can be customized.
◆ Navigation knob for more convenient operation and management.
◆ 4 route port to connect conference units, the system has auto-repair function, support hot plug_x0002_and-play.
◆ One central control unit is able to accommodate 60-70 microphones. By cascading extension units, the system can support upto 4096 conference units.
◆ Universal voltage power switch for wider usable range and sufficient power supply.
◆ Support USB auto recording: after the front panel is inserted U disk, audio recording can be set automatically or manually. The recording status can be displayed in real time.
◆ Optional HD video camera tracking matrix ,switcher or HD camera, can realize HD automatic camera tracking, supporting preset overall view.
◆ 4*1+1 video matrix is built in the Central Control Unit,and standard definition video conference camera is selected which can real,ize automatic camera tracking function of standard definition and support preset overall view.
◆ Input port for external audio signal: for alarm audio, PA, and other audio systems, the conference units can output audio signals synchronously.
◆ Internal clock and calendar, it will be displayed on central control unit, conference units.
◆ Built-in auto-detection fo conference units; before conferences, self-test can be run for each conference units.
◆ TCP/IP PC communication between central control unit and PC, which can achieve control management, remote fault diagnosis and remote update.

Stand-alone Mode Functions:
◆ ID number writing: the conference system supports automatically or manually assign ID to the corresponding equipment.
◆ All or individual units' VOX sensitivity are adjustable (apply to 5600 series).
◆ LCD screen contrast of Unit is adjustable (apply to 4200 series).
◆ Speaking mode: Operator, Auto, FIFO, VOX, request to speak (with software).
◆ VOX function: in VOX mode, the unit will be activated when user speaks; VOX sensitivity can be adjust by the server ( high, middle, low); microphone time-out is adjustable ( 6-180 seconds).
◆ 1-4 delegate unit can be used simultaneously (except chairman unit); chairman/vice chairman unit are not subject to active mic limit, it’s allowed to open at any time.
◆ The system can have multiple chairman units; delegate unit can be set as vice-chairman units.
There are unlimited chairman and vice-chairman units.

Extended functions under PC and software control:
◆ Register function and real-time participants statistics.
◆ Centralized conference management, operator can allow or reject delegate request to talk.
◆ Speaking time limit can be preset for conference units; After the speaking time is up, the conference unit will be off.
◆ Conference audio recording and video recording(need audio video capture card)
◆ Delegate unit can be set to be vice-chairman units by software; vice-chairman unit is not subject to active mic limit.
◆ Support management software dual-system hot backup function; One control computer can be set as backup and connect to the system; if the current computer has faults, the backup computer can be automatically hosted to ensure the smooth and continuous meeting.
◆ Conference management software can be customized.

Technical Specifications:
Max System Capacity: 4096
Standard Capacity: 60~70(different from various models)
Acoustic Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
SNR: >96dBA
Channel Isolation: >85dB
Dynamic Range: >94dB
THD: <0.05%
Power: AC100~240V
Audio Port: 1 balanced (XLR); 2 unbalanced (RCA)
Max Audio Output: LINE OUT : +20 dBu unbalanced
                  BLANCE OUT : +20 dBu balanced
Output Impedance: >1KΩ
External Audio Input: 0.775V (PHOENIX terminal)
Central Control Method: RS-232
PC Connection Method: TCP/IP
Camera Control Method: RS-485
Max Power Consumption: 300W
Terminal Connection Port: 8-pin×4
                          13-pin×4 (for TC-Z4,TC-ZB4 only)
Channel selection: 6 (for TC-Z4,TC-ZB4 only)
Display Screen: OLED (61mm×37mm)
Audio recording port: USB (USB: FAT32)
Audio recording File Size: 0.8M/m
Active Delegate: 1/2/3/4 (not including chairman unit)
VOX sensitivity: H/M/L (76dB/80dB/82dB)
Support Camera Number: 4 SD cameras (built-in SD matrix), MAX 8 cameras with extended matrix
Video Input Port: RCA×4 (1Vp-p 75Ω)
Video Output Port: RCA×2 (1Vp-p 75Ω)
Camera Tracking Protocol: PELCO-P/PELCO-D/VISCA
Operating Temperature: -0~45℃
Storage Temperature: -20~50℃
Dimensions (L*W*H): 485mm×350mm×90mm
Installation: Desktop or 19" rack mounting
Weight: 7.6Kg


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