Gonsin TC-FSJ12B
Gonsin TC-FSJ12B

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Gonsin TC-FSJ12B

Wireless simultaneous interpretation receiver

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Basic Functions:
♦ GONSIN innovated FS-FHSS technology.
♦ CD-level sound quality.
♦ HOST ID setting by manually or automatic upgrading, support Auto-tracking by Host ID.
♦ Support up to 16 channels( max.1 floor+15 interpretation audio).
♦ LED display, human-oriented human-machine interaction.
♦ Lithium battery/AAA battery.
♦ Real-time battery level detection and display, low battery alarm.
♦ Grouping (encryption) function; max number of groups: 255; no interference between the groups.
♦ Dynamic display of such information as signal strength, battery capacity, and selected channel on the OLED screen.
♦ Signal received from all directions.
♦ Support unified shut-down function, reduce workload greatly.
♦ Lightweight receiver; in combination with a headphone to allow users to hear an interpreter.
♦ Max number of channels: 16; Four models optional:12 channels.
♦ Clear voice along different independent channels.
♦ Volume and audio channel is adjustable by key pressing.
♦ Low power consumption, allowing battery to consecutively run for 16 hours.
♦ Automatic turn-off function when no signal is receiving for 10 minutes, unified server shutdown function.
♦ Earphone detection, receivers will auto shut-down if without earphone after 2 minutes.
♦ Number of receivers within the signal coverage area is unlimited.
♦ Allow users to move within the signal coverage area.
♦ Earphone (single- or double-side) and headphone for selection.
♦ Centralized charging by the charging case, 60 receivers can be charged by one charging case.

Technical Parameters:
Modulation mode: FS-FHSS technology
Frequency range: 2.4-2.5GHz
Encryption method: AES
System Max capacity: Unlimited receivers within signal distance
Grouping function: up to 255 groups
Sensitivity: -121dBm
Earphone jack: 3.5mm jack stereo
OLED screen: 35×10mm
Battery display: real-time display, low power alarm
Battery: lithium battery/ 2 AA batteries
Battery service time: 16 hours( different AA batteries have different results)
Package: portable aluminum case
Dimension( L×W×H): 136×50×21mm
Weight: 136g (with a lithium battery) 94g (without battery)
Working temperature: 0~45°C
Storage temperature: -20~50°C


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