Gonsin 30000I
Gonsin 30000I

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Gonsin 30000I

Congress server

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♦ FS-FHSS (Frequency Selecting - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)innovated by GONSIN, stable and reliable system performance.
♦ High-efficient digital audio lossless compression technology.
♦ Dynamic display of operational information of the server with OLED display panel.
♦ Unified server shutdown function for wireless voting & interpretation terminal/conference terminal.
♦ Compact 1U rack design, simple deployment.

Basic functions
♦ FS-FHSS(Frequency Selecting - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)innovated by GONSIN, allows the server to auto-detect radio resource; when working with supporting software, the server adopts a reliable hopping mechanism to avoid co-channel interference.
♦ Set Host ID of the server by the LCD panel, to realize the receiver grouping management.
♦ Digital audio lossless compression technology improves wireless carrier utilization rate, and avoids interference if multiple systems are used within the same building.
♦ The system is compatible with the terminal of digital interpreter and stimulative interpreter, can fit with the chosen interpreter terminal in accordance with need of the user.
♦ Unified server shutdown function for wireless voting & interpretation terminal/conference terminal .

With DCS-3021 wireless congress terminal, GONSIN30000I server can realize functions below:
♦ Support 8×1 SD /8×8 HD automatic camera tracking by video switching matrix.
♦ AUTO and FIFO microphone modes.
♦ Max four microphones can be activated at the same time (1 chairman terminal and 1/2/3 delegate terminals).
♦ Volume/tone adjustable.
♦ ID number writing available, to facilitate terminal management.

Technical Specifications:
Max Capacity of System (Within the effective distance): unlimited terminals (in interpretation mode);
                                                        4096 terminals( in voting mode/ voting & interpretation all-in-one mode);
                                                        500 congress terminals ( within signal distance);"
Frequency response: 30Hz~16KHz
Signal to noise ratio: ≥95 dB (A-weighting)
Distortion: ≤ 0.5% (total harmonic distortion: 50Hz~8KHz)
Max. audio output: LINE OUT: +20dBu
                   eight-pin socket x 1 (for connecting to WAP device)
                   balanced audio output (XLR connector) x 1
                   non-balanced audio output (RCA connector) x 2
                   RJ-45 interface x 1 (for connecting to PC)
                   RS-232 interface x 1(for controlling camera tracking video matrix)
                   RS-485 bus interfaces x 1 group (for controlling cameras)
Power supply: AC100/240V±10%, 50~60Hz
Enclosure: 19-inch standard cabinet
Dimensions: 1U (340mm×420mm×45mm)
Weight: 4 kg
Working temperature: 0~45℃
Storage temperature: -20~50℃


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