Gonsin TC-F06
Gonsin TC-F06

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Gonsin TC-F06

Interpreter console

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Interpreter Console is an indispensable part of simultaneous interpretation system, which is used for simultaneous translation of conference speeches by interpreters. When using, the interpreter can only connect the interpreter console with the simultaneous interpreting main control unit / discussion main control unit, and the translated speech can be transmitted to the main control unit through the interpreter unit. Through the processing and transmission by the system, the participants can listen to the speech content of various languages through the receiving unit / discussion unit. There are two types of the interpreter console Interpreter Console, which support 6 to 16 languages simultaneous interpretation.

Basic Functions:
♦ Support up to 6/16 channels simultaneous interpretation.
♦ LCD screen can display various information.
♦ Support direct interpretation and relay interpretation.
♦ Support dual microphone translation in turn.
♦ With microphone selection function.
♦ 3 output volume levels adjustable.
♦ Interpretation timing function.
♦ Speaking speed remind function.
♦ Pluggable dual soft tubes gooseneck microphone stem.

Basic Functions:
♦ In compliance with IEC60914 international standard.
♦ The design of physical buttons / knobs are sensitive with good touch, with long service life and without mechanical button sound.
♦ It adopts 25P parallel port (1 male and 1 female) cable for hand-in-hand connection.
♦ Automatic restoration function: supports hot plug.
♦ Support 16 channels simultaneous interpretation(including the floor channel).
♦ Support direct interpretation and relay interpretation.
♦ High brightness 128×64 graphic LCD screen with backlight: display setting information ,input and output channel information.
♦ With channel selection button, it is convenient to select the language from all the input language channels.
♦ With the indicator of FLOOR/RELAY input channel.
♦ 3 input channels can be preset with corresponding shortcut button and input channel occupancy indicator.
♦ 2 output channels can be preset with corresponding shortcut buttons. When all interpreter consoles are closed, the output channel can automatically switch to the floor channel.
♦ Standard cardioid directional electret microphone with indicator ring; multiple soft gooseneck microphone stems can be selected (standard: 410mm, optional:310mm/510mm).
♦ Pluggable microphone stem; During the meeting recess, it can be disassembled for equipment maintenance.
♦ Built-in 2W loudspeaker with volume switch; Can play the floor channel or interpreted channel language.
♦ With the same channel interlock function, when the output channel is preset, the occupied channel will skip automatically.
♦ MUTE key to enable a brief muting of the microphone for cough cut.
♦ Speaking speed remind function, the interpreter can press the “slow” key to remind the speaker to slow down the speaking speed (The microphone’s indicator ring or screen will flash).
♦ Left and right headphone output jack (3.5 mm×2), connect the headset to listen to the floor or interpreted channel language, with left and right selection buttons; headphone volume is adjustable.
♦ Left and right microphone input jack (3.5 mm×2), can be connected to external microphone, with left and right selection buttons, to meet different usage scenarios.
♦ Left and right recording output jack (3.5 mm×2), can be connected to recording device, with left and right selection buttons, the output audio depends on the channel listened by the interpreter console.
♦ Highly resistant to mobile phone interference.
♦ Interpretation timing function (timing unit: hour/minute).

Technical Specifications:
Installation Way: Desktop
Connection Way: Specialized 25 core connector
Display Specifications: Size: 65mm × 32mm
                        Lattice: 128 × 64
                        Backlight: blue background white characters
Frequency Range: 20Hz~20KHz
Sensitivity: -46 dBV/Pa
Equivalent Noise Level: 20dBA(SPL)
Max. SPL: 125dB(THD<3%)
THD: <0.05%
SNR: ≥96dB
Microphone Type: Cardioid directional electret
Directivity: 0°/180°: >20 dB (1 kHz)
MIC Stem Length: 410mm (standard); 310mm/510mm (optional)
Input Impedance: 2KΩ
Headphone Output Jack: 3.5 mm jack×2
Microphone Input Jack: 3.5 mm jack×2
Recording Output Jack: 3.5 mm jack×2
Headphone Load: >16Ω
Headphone Volume: 10mW
Built-in Loudspeaker: 2W/8Ω
Channel Number: 6/16 channel (including the floor channel)
Power supply: 24V
Max. Power Consumption: <5W
Dimensions(L×W×H): 247mm×145mm×95mm(Not including the stem)
Net weight: 1.2Kg
Working Temperature: 0~45℃
Storage Temperature: -20~50℃


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