Gonsin U-BOX08A
Gonsin U-BOX08A

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Gonsin U-BOX08A

Simultaneous interpretation audio converter

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Simultaneous interpretation audio converter is a GONSIN self-developed product. With this device, GONSIN FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system, IR simultaneous interpretation system and wired simultaneous interpretation system can be connected seamlessly, and compatible with other brands’ simultaneous interpretation systems, which forms a new large various complete solution of interpretation systems, saves customers’ investment in expanding the current system and ensures a stable performance without affecting on product functions and sound quality.

Basic Functions:
♦ High compatibility, realize the interconnection and communication between multiple simultaneous interpretation systems( including other brands) to form a large scale system.
♦ Easy to extend, supporting output and input of simultaneous interpretation system.
♦ Flexible interface, supporting signal converting between DB25 audio interface and other interfaces.
♦ Connecting the interpreter console to simultaneous interpretation server to realize interconnection among multiple simultaneous interpretation systems, including GONSIN equipment and other brands’.
♦ 3 channels of DB25 audio interfaces and 8 channels of phoenix terminal interfaces, signal is converted
from different interfaces for compatible use.
♦ Support 8 channels of audio output to meet the demand of audio recording, press release, live video
broadcast and other applications.
♦ Support 8 channels of audio input, can be connect to the external line-in audio to realize interconnection
among multiple simultaneous interpretation systems.
♦ Support DB25 cable hand-in-hand connection, to realize 16 channels of simultaneous interpretation.

Technical Specifications:
Power supply: 24V, powered by central control unit
Channel number: 8
Interfaces: 2 DB25 Male interfaces; 1 DB25 Female interface; 8 groups of phoenix terminals
Dimensions( L×W×H): 200mm×185mm×30mm
Weight: 590g
Operating temperature: 0~45℃
Storage temperature: -20~50℃


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