Dynacord D 15-3
Dynacord D 15-3
Dynacord D 15-3
Dynacord D 15-3

Kod proizvoda:575

Dynacord D 15-3

Pasivna trosistemska zvučna kutija 15" - 500W


Specifikacije proizvoda:

  • Serija:
    • D-Lite
  • Frekventni opseg (-10dB):
    • 50 - 20K Hz
  • Boja:
    • crna
  • Osetljivost:
    • 100 dB
  • Maksimalni SPL:
    • 133 dB
  • Pokrivanje H° x V°:
    • 90° x 50°
  • Kontinuirana snaga :
    • 500 W
  • Vršna (peak) snaga :
    • 2000 W
  • Visokotonac:
    • Electro-Voice DH-3
  • Srednjetonac:
    • DYNACORD DND 6120 Neodymium
  • Niskotonac (bas):
    • 15"
  • Impedansa (oma):
    • 8 oma
  • Tip konektora:
    • NL4
  • Materijal:
    • Polipropilen (plastika)
  • Dimenzije Š x V x D:
    • 447 x 686 x 413 mm
  • Težina:
    • 24 kg

Opis proizvoda:

Trosistemska zvučna kutija, izuzetnih performansi i vrhunskog kvaliteta, jačine 500W ...


With the newly designed D15-3, DYNACORD fulfi lls a longtime customer demand for a light-weight, extremely robust high-performance professional 15“ 3-way plastic cabinet for use in professional, portable and fixed install sound reinforcement applications.


With a variety of suspension accessories and conservative cosmetics, the D15-3 is also ideally suited to be used in demanding fi xed installations. The cabinet is manufactured from Polypropylene and therefore is extremely resistant against abuse on the road. For low frequencies a DYNACORD DND 15400 Neodymium cone transducer is used.


The midrange is projected from the ultra-low distortion DYNACORD DND 6120 Neodymium cone transducer with a conical radiation pattern of 120°. The DND 6120 guarantees excellent intelligibility without any necessity of precise aiming. The Electro-Voice DH 3 driver is used for the projection of the high frequencies. The Constant-Direcctivity HF horn has been integrated into the baffl e by CAD methods. The nominal coverage angle of the cabinet is 90°*50°, horizontal*vertical, respectively. Power handling of the cabinet is 500W (continuous), 1000W (program) and 2000W peak. The maximum sound pressure level is 130dB, the frequency range of the D15-3 is 50Hz to 18kHz. The D15-3 is ideally suited for applications as full-range cabinet or as Mid-Hi cabinet in in high-performance small-format active and passive satellite systems.



Frekventni opseg: 50Hz-20kHz

Osetljivost SPL 1W/1m: 100dB

Dugotrajna snaga: 500W

Pokrivanje: H90° V50°

Bas zvučnik: DND 15400

Srednjetonac: DND 6120

Visokotonac: DH 3 Electro-Voice

Impedansa:8 oma

Težina: 24.0 Kg



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