Electro-Voice ZX 3
Electro-Voice ZX 3

Kod proizvoda:628

Electro-Voice ZX 3

Pasivna dvosistemska zvučna kutija 12" 600W


Specifikacije proizvoda:

  • Serija:
    • Zx
  • Frekventni odziv (-3dB):
    • 58 - 15K Hz
  • Boja:
    • bela
    • crna
  • Osetljivost:
    • 97 dB
  • Maksimalni SPL:
    • 131 dB
  • Pokrivanje H° x V°:
    • 90/60° x 50/60°
  • Kontinuirana snaga :
    • 600 W
  • Vršna (peak) snaga :
    • 2400 W
  • Visokotonac:
    • Electro-Voice ND2
  • Niskotonac (bas):
    • 12"
  • Impedansa (oma):
    • 8 oma
  • Tip konektora:
    • NL4
  • Materijal:
    • Polipropilen (plastika)
  • Dimenzije Š x V x D:
    • 613 x 397 x 362 mm
  • Težina:
    • 19,8 kg

Opis proizvoda:

Electro-Voice dvosistemska zvučna kutija ZX3 600W,8 oma

The Electro-Voice® ZX3 offers an unprecedented level of lightweight, 12-inch, two-way, loudspeaker performance for the widest variety of portable and installed applications. Featuring the new DVX3121 12-inch woofer and the ND2 neodymium compression driver, the ZX3 continues the groundbreaking innovation of the EV DVX woofer program, joining the ranks of EV's ZX series between the eight-inch ZX1 and the 15-inch ZX5.


When it comes to problem and solution versatility, the ZX3 is in a class of its own. In addition to the highest performance drivers available, a complete range of optional accessories, including the CB-5 array kit, MB3 wall and ceiling-mount bracket, HA-3 handle adapter for use with the VSA-1 strong arm mount, and TCA-1 truss clamp adapter allow the ZX3 to be easily and precisely configured in multiple box arrays, mounted on trusses or tripods, deployed as monitors, or used as system mains with a subwoofer.


Housed in a stylish yet rugged injection molded enclosure, the ZX3 shares the same functionality as the larger ZX5, with 90 degre x 50 degree or 60 degree x 60 degree horn dispersion patterns, 45 degree or 55 degree monitor angles, passive or biamp operation, and seven M8 rigging points. The ZX3 is available in a weatherized version and in either a black or white finish. An optional HDC-3 heavy-duty stackable cover is also available.



Frequency Response: (-3dB) 58 - 15000 Hz

Frequency Response: (-10dB) 48 - 20000 Hz

Sensitivity 1W/1m: 97 dB

System Power Handling (continuous/program/peak):600/1200/2400 Watts

Low Frequency Power Handling (continuous/program/peak):500/1000/2000 Watts

High Frequency Power Handling (continuous/program/peak):40/80/160 Watts

LF Transducer: DVX3121

HF Transducer: ND2

Enclosure Material: Polypropylene

Color: Black

Color White

Outdoor: Yes

Speaker Type: Fullrange

Weight Net: 19.8 kg ( 43.65 lbs )




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