Electro-Voice QRx218 S
Electro-Voice QRx218 S

Kod proizvoda:659

Electro-Voice QRx218 S

Pasivan subwoofer 2 x 18" EVX180B 1200/4800W 139dB

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Specifikacije proizvoda:

  • Serija:
    • Rx
  • Frekventni odziv (-3dB):
    • 38 - 125 Hz
  • Osetljivost:
    • 102 dB
  • Maksimalni SPL:
    • 139 dB
  • Kontinuirana snaga :
    • 1200 W
  • Vršna (peak) snaga :
    • 4800 W
  • Niskotonac (bas):
    • 2x18"
  • Impedansa (oma):
    • 4 oma
  • Materijal:
    • Drvo - šperploča
  • Dimenzije Š x V x D:
    • 560 x 1015 x 602 mm
  • Težina:
    • 59,5 kg

Opis proizvoda:

Zvučna kutija Rx218 S Subwoofer 2x18" 800W,4 oma

The QRx 218S is a dual, 18-inch subwoofer with 1,200-watt continuous - and 4,800-watt peak - power handling.


Key Features: Delivers 133 dB SPL one watt/one meter (139 dB peaks one watt/one meter) at full power 

Two concert-proven, EVX180B woofers with four-inch voice-coils offer incredible fatigue-resistance and excellent long-term reliability 

Usable response extends to 31 Hz 

Standard versions are equipped with rear-mounted pocket wheels and handles to allow one person to comfortably move the enclosure 

Standard versions also have a metal stand socket and are shipped with a 34-inch steel pole for elevating satellite speakers 

Available with L-track rigging as a special order option 

Rigging versions have L-track on the top and bottom plus a single-stud pull-up point on the back 

Rigging versions do not come with wheels or a stand-mount.


The QRx 218S features an enclosure built of 13-ply, void-free, grain-oriented birch plywood finished in Futura, a baked-on, polyurethane finish that is very rugged and durable. It is available in black or white.



Frekventni opseg: 40Hz-250Hz

Osetljivost SPL 1W/1m: 100dB

Dugotrajna snaga: 800W

Pokrivanje: -

Bas zvučnik: 2x18" DL18MT Electro-Voice

Visokotonac: -

Impedansa:4 oma

Težina: 59.50 Kg



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