Dynacord TS 400W
Dynacord TS 400W
Dynacord TS 400W
Dynacord TS 400W

Kod proizvoda:894

Dynacord TS 400W

Pasivna dvosistemska zvučna kutija opremljena sa 4 x 6,5" ND 6130-16 i 1 x DH-3


Specifikacije proizvoda:

  • Serija:
    • TS
  • Frekventni opseg (-10dB):
    • 74 - 20K Hz
  • Boja:
    • bela
  • Osetljivost:
    • 97 dB
  • Maksimalni SPL:
    • 131 dB
  • Pokrivanje H° x V°:
    • 90° x 40°
  • Kontinuirana snaga :
    • 600 W
  • Vršna (peak) snaga :
    • 2400 W
  • Niskotonac (bas):
    • 6"
  • Impedansa (oma):
    • 4 oma
  • Tip konektora:
    • NL4
  • Materijal:
    • Aluminijum
  • Dimenzije Š x V x D:
    • 199 x 935 x 281 mm
  • Težina:
    • 18 kg

Opis proizvoda:

Vertical pattern control is a requirement for highest sound quality and speech intelligibility, especially in difficult acoustic spaces. The TS 400W was designed to provide a very even and smooth coverage over a very wide bandwidth by using spaced and filtered woofers as array elements. The 2.5 way design places elements at the ends of the column for maximum distance to lower the effective controlled frequency. 


The MF-elements and the HF-element are placed in the middle of the cabinet for a smooth transition of the mids to the HF and to extend the coverage control. Each group of elements has its own bandpass filter to optimize the array’s performance to provide good attenuation at 90° off-axis and evenly cover the audience area front to rear with half the rate of attenuation of a non “steered” cluster. 


The TS 400W is equipped with 4 x 6,5” DND 6130-16 Neodymium woofers and one Electro-Voice DH3 compression driver coupled with a 90° by 40° constant directivity horn providing very high SPL and excellent coverage. Power handling is 600W RMS / 2.400W peak.

Separate protection circuits for the LF-, MF- and HF-elements are used to protect all transducers at the highest power levels. The TS 400W enclosure is aluminum for a very robust but lightweight design with a look that fits any environment.


TA-TS400 tilt adaptor can be used to precisely aim the system for optimum audience coverage.


The optional mounting bracket WMK-25 allows for wall-mount applications with up to 30° of tilt.  


The optional carrying bag CB-TS400 is the ideal accessory for easy, protected transportation of the TS 400W.



Color White (RAL 9010, pure white)

Cabinet Full-range

Configuration Passive 2.5-Way

Nominal impedance 4 Ω

Power handling: Full-range

• Rated power RMS 600 W

• Peak power 2400 W

SPL 1 W/1 m 97 dB

Max. SPL at 1 m (calculated with peak power) 131 dB

Frequency range (-10 dB) 74–20000 Hz

Nominal coverage angle 90° x 40°

X-Over frequency 2600 Hz

Component HIGH Electro-Voice DH-3

Component LOW 4 x DND 6130-16

Connector model 2 x NEUTRIK speakON NL4

Product dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 199 x 935 x 281 mm

Net weight 18 kg

Enclosure material Aluminum

Grille Steel

Suspension 10 x M6




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