Dynacord TS 200W
Dynacord TS 200W
Dynacord TS 200W
Dynacord TS 200W

Kod proizvoda:896

Dynacord TS 200W

Pasivna dvosistemska zvučna kutija 2 x DND 6130-16 i 1 x DH-3


Specifikacije proizvoda:

  • Serija:
    • TS
  • Frekventni opseg (-10dB):
    • 90-20k Hz
  • Boja:
    • bela
  • Osetljivost:
    • 97 dB
  • Maksimalni SPL:
    • 128 dB
  • Pokrivanje H° x V°:
    • 90° x 40°
  • Kontinuirana snaga :
    • 300 W
  • Vršna (peak) snaga :
    • 1200 W
  • Visokotonac:
    • Electro-Voice DH-3
  • Niskotonac (bas):
    • 6"
  • Impedansa (oma):
    • 8 oma
  • Tip konektora:
    • NL4
  • Materijal:
    • Aluminijum
  • Dimenzije Š x V x D:
    • 199 x 513.5 x 239.5 mm
  • Težina:
    • 10 kg

Opis proizvoda:

TS 200W is an extremely compact, two-way high-performance loudspeaker, with a nominal power handling capacity of 300W / RMS, suitable for a multitude of highly demanding tasks. Its high SPL and precisely controlled coverage pattern make it a prime candidate for tasks far more challenging than any you would associate with a box of its size. Whether deployed in mobile applications as a medium-sized FOH system in combination with passive (e.g. SUB 18) or active (e.g. PowerSub 312 or PSD 215) subwoofers, or full-range as a fill or delay in larger systems, the TS 200W displays its outstanding acoustic and mechanical performance to impressive effect.  In fact, the only area in which this box is deficient is weight: its weight of less than 10kg represents a dramatic advance in lightweight engineering in this class.


Very high intelligibility even in acoustically problematic rooms is another of the great strengths of this loudspeaker. With its elegant, slender profile, the TS 200W is especially suitable for situations in which tasteful and unobtrusive styling is called for, yet no concessions in terms of sound quality or pressure level can be allowed.


As well as in a host of mobile applications, the TS 200W makes its abundant advantages particularly evident in fixed installations. Ultra-compact cabinets capable of delivering very high sound pressure levels trump the opposition whenever the appearance of the loudspeakers is of critical or decisive importance to the interior design. In such circumstances the closed cabinet base included in the delivery can be substituted for the one with the socket for a mounting pole intended for mobile applications.


For the low and medium frequency ranges, two extremely low-distortion DND 6130-16 neodymium chassis in an array configuration are used. The high frequency range is transduced by an Electro-Voice DH3 into an HPT94 constant directivity horn that can be rotated with ease through 90° for horizontal applications. The integrated crossover is phase-optimized; furthermore, it provides all loudspeakers with electronic protection against thermal overload.


For fixed installation, the WMK-10W mounting kit is available. The optional FB-TS400 flying kit facilitates suspension of the device safely from a truss. Another highly practical accessory is the SH-TS200 transport bag.


Linear phase FIR (finite impulse response) factory presets are available as well as presets for conventional digital controllers.



Color White (RAL 9010, pure white)

Cabinet Full-range

Configuration Passive 2-Way

Nominal impedance 8 Ω

Power handling: Full-range

• Rated power RMS 300 W

• Program power 600 W

• Peak power 1200 W

SPL 1 W/1 m 97 dB

Max. SPL at 1 m (calculated with peak power) 128 dB

Frequency range (-10 dB) 90–20000 Hz

Nominal coverage angle 90° x 40°

X-Over frequency 2200 Hz

Voice coil tracking protection Halogen

Component HIGH Electro-Voice DH-3

Component LOW 2 x DND 6130-16


• Model 2 x NEUTRIK speakON NL4

• Contacts full-range 1+, 1-

• Contacts wired through 1+, 1-

Product dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 199 x 513.5 x 239.5 mm

Net weight 10 kg

Enclosure material Aluminum

Grille Steel

Suspension 8 x M6



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