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  • Rocktile Banger's Pack E-Guitar SET Black 8 Pieces
    Rocktile ST-Style E-Guitar, Black Finish 3 Single-Coil Pickups, 5-way switch 1 Volume-/ 2 Tone knobr, Tremolo arm 10 watts (RMS) / 25 watts (peak) guitar amp with headphone output and distortion practical guitar gig bag with backpack straps, including stri..
  • Rocktile Banger's Pack Elektricna gitara set
    Rocktile ST-Style E-Guitar 3-Color-Sunburst Finish, 3 Single-Coil Pickups 5-way switch, 1 Volume-/ 2 Tone knob 10 watts (RMS) / 25 watts (peak) guitar amp with headphone output and distortion, with headphones output and distortion ..
  • Rocktile CL-550 Tuner
    Cliptuner: Stimmgerät zum Anklippen automatische Abschaltung (nach 1 Minute) Tonerkennung: Vibrationssensor hintergrundbeleuchtetes LC-Display Stimm-Modi: Chromatisch, Gitarre, Bass, Ukulele, Violine Messbereich: C0 (16,3 Hz) - A7 (3520,0 Hz) Messgenauigkei..
  • Rocktile Deluxe kofer za klasičnu gitaru
    Concert and classical guitars case, arched top thick lining, built-in storage compartment, lockable (1 key included) Hook for shoulder strap, fitted shape Maximum internal dimensions (LxWxH): 102,5 x 38 x 12 cm Body width bottom, center, top: 38.5 cm, 27 c..
  • Rocktile E-Bass Case Deluxe
    Case for E-bass, fitted form thick lining, integrated storage compartment lockable (2 keys included) Maximum internal dimensions (LxWxH): 119 x 34 x 8 cm, weight: 3,9 kg Body width bottom, center, top: 33.5 cm, 24.5 cm, 30 cm ("up" digonal measured) ..
  • Rocktile Groover's Pack JB E-Bass Set, Sunburst, Maple Neck
    Rocktile Jazz Style Electric Bass Sunburst Finish Maple Neck 2 single-coil pickups 2 volume / 1 tone control 15 Watt bass amp with headphone output including bag, strap, spare strings and cables     ..
  • Rocktile GT-1 Tuner for Guitars / Bass Guitars
    Automatic tuning device for guitars/basses for up to 7 string guitars and up to 6 string basses built-in microphone for acoustic instruments 6.3 mm jack input for electric instruments 7 LEDs display the current string to be tuned   ..
  • Rocktile Guitar Case for Semiacoustic Hollowbody Guitars
    sturdy case, suitable for semiacoustic guitars thick lining, built-in inner pocket, lockable Dimensions: Overall length: 108cm, body bottom: 42cm, middle: 28cm, Body Top: 31cm Weight: 3,6 kg Delivery: Case & Lock key   ..
  • Rocktile kofer za akustičnu gitaru
    Light Case for Acoustic Guitar, very light weight, high stability, weight: 3,1 kg tear-and water-resistant fabric, high thermal padding, adjustable handle adjustable backpack straps, 2 cell phone pockets on the strap, clear pocket for business cards ro..
  • Rocktile kofer za električnu gitaru
    Cases for Electric Guitars, thick lining integrated storage compartment, lockable Maximum internal dimensions (LxWxH): 101 x 32 x 7.5 cm rectangular Fits Stratocaster and Telecaster models (not for Double Cut, ES and Single Cut models) ..
  • Rocktile PG-10 Rocktile guitar amplifier
    Rocktile PG-10 Rocktile guitar amplifier Combo practice amp, output: 10 watts (RMS) / 25 watts (peak) 3-band EQ (Bass / Mid / Treble) Gain control with boost switch Headphone output Dimensions: 290 x 290 x 120 (W x H x D in mm) Weight: 3.0 kg ..
  • Rocktile TCI-AE Capo for Acoustic/Electric Guitar, silver, arched
    Easy on the neck and paint with thick rubber pads Equalized pressure on all strings, for electric and acoustic guitars with arched fingerboards Clean surface that won't distort the strings, no re-tuning necessary Mount in seconds, can be easily used with one hand ..