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Roto glave Spot

Roto glave Spot
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  • Showtec Shark Combi Spot One
    • Wash & Spot-in-one • Oled Display • Ir remote included • 30W + 6x 8W Q4 LED The Shark Combi Spot One: the 2-in-1 moving head within the Showtec Shark family. Ample light output for both wash and spot, combined with 7 gobos and 7 dichroic color filters make this a perfect fixture..
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  • Showtec Shark Spot One
    • Motorized focus • Oled Display • Ir remote included • 60W LED Source   The Showtec Shark Spot One is a professional compact size 60W LED moving spot light. Even though this fixture is relatively small, it still offers great features such as a motorized focus, 3-facet prism,..
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  • Phantom 25 LED Spot
    6 and 11 Channels setting • 9 Gobo's & 9 Colors • 13.300 Lux @ 1 M • 16 Built in programs selectable by DMX     The Phantom 25LED Spot is a compact and powerful LED moving head spot. It is equipped with a white 25W LED light source and has 9 colors and 9..
  • Showtec Kanjo Spot 60
    The Kanjo Spot 60 is an ultra-compact and impressive moving head equipped with a 60W LED Lightsource. It has a color and gobo wheel and offers crisp gobos and vivid colors at an affordable price level. The Kanjo Spot 60 is the ideal solution for small clubs and mobile DJ's.   Specifi..